Professional Support Networks

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National Professional Standard for Principals
Leadership requirements
3. Personal qualities and social and interpersonal skills

Professional Practice
2. Developing self and others

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Professional Support Networks

Collaborative professional support networks are vital to the leadership development and wellbeing of Principals and aspiring leaders. It is important for support networks to include both Principals and aspiring leaders in order to enable distributed leadership, maximise leadership capital as well as ensuring effective succession planning.

Making the choice to collaborate with other leaders and other schools represents a fundamental shift in the way schools operate. It represents a breaking down of the “silo mentality” that has existed within and between schools in the past and reflects the need for meaningful and sustainable support networks for school leaders.

The processes described in this learning module are designed to support the establishment of voluntary networks amongst like-minded Principals and school leaders.

Support networks can operate in various ways and may be informal or formal in structure. There are a number of benefits to having formal, structured support networks as they enable:

  • an efficient use of time
  • a clear focus on issues related to leadership development

and are more likely to become embedded in practice if they follow a formal process or are structured into leadership practice.

The Partner Schools Program also offers other formal support network ideas.