Getting Started

Getting Started

The key starting point … residential planning workshop

The Real StoryStarting with a residential planning workshop was a deliberate strategy to bring together leaders from seventeen very diverse school settings and plan a number of learning experiences which could continue beyond the conference and formulate our project and product.

The purpose of the residential workshop was to allow delegates to experience a range of processes which could be used to embed collaboration and innovation in their school setting as well as creating a network between the delegates which could be pursued beyond the conference.

The workshop involved careful and deliberate planning to ensure the engagement and empowerment of each delegate in the planning processes.

By using quality teaching strategies and strategies used by Louise Stoll we were able to effectively engage delegates in this process. We made a deliberate choice not to use PowerPoint presentations throughout the workshop.

The Real StoryThe crucial factor in creating an Alliance team was the engagement and empowerment of all delegates in the planning process.

Therefore, as with all good teaching and learning practice, we wanted to avoid the “death by PowerPoint” scenario and focus on active learning.

The use of The Design Process to develop key project focus areas meant that delegates could choose to pursue involvement with the project that resonated most with them and their school.

It was not intended that every delegate should be involved in every project that was developed from the workshop.

Each leader/school group chose to pursue at least one project that had relevance to them.