The NS5 (North Shore Secondary Schools Partnership) is an innovative partnership between the five secondary schools in the North Shore area. The partnership includes Turramurra, Ku-ring-gai, St Ives, Chatswood and Killara High Schools working together for the benefit of students staff and the collective communities of the five schools.

What have we achieved through collaboration?

Key initiatives which have resulted from the NS5 partnership:

  • Collaborative partnership of librarians to share and develop resources for the benefit of the five schools.
  • Collaborative partnership of careers advisors – accessing support and resources and developing programs for students based on the collective strength of five schools working together. Developing NS5 careers expo in 2013.
  • Australian curriculum network – sharing of programs and resources across English, Maths, science and History KLAs in preparation for implementation.
  • KLA networks – resource sharing and specific initiatives developed which are relevant to each KLA. Also sharing re: implementation of Australian curriculum.
  • Gifted and talented initiative – team of staff from the five schools developing opportunities and programs for gifted and talented students across the five schools.
  • Collaborative partnership of ESL teachers to share resources, programs and processes for the support of ESL students in our network. This team work in close association with the IEC staff from Chatswood IEC.
  • Collaborative partnership of learning support teams – to share planning, resourcing and support of the implementation of ESES.
  • SAM network – accessing regional support and shared approach to LMBR implementation
  • Student leadership initiative – providing opportunities for student leaders from the five schools to train and work together on leadership projects.
  • Professional learning opportunities – In December 2012 we held our second combined school development day. Staff were able to learn and work together on numerous collaborative initiatives based on their areas of interest and expertise.
  • School leadership network – Senior Executive network providing support and sharing of initiatives which have empowered the schools as a collective voice to garner support and resources which may not necessarily be afforded to a school operating independently.
  • Leadership team have presented at various forums – SPC, SEDs conference, network meeting
  • Academic scholarships – in areas of gifted education, Visible Thinking, innovative practice
  • Innovation and collaboration grants empowering staff in all five schools.
  • Leading into further ELSNP grants such as PPDP
  • Sydney Uni Engineering program
  • Macquarie Uni school of Ed partnership
  • CC21 project – MacICT
  • Cross campus curriculum offered in Dance 2013 and a number of Languages in 2014.
  • IT Mentor, university connections
  • Combined school development days
  • Memorandum of understanding re: enrolment
  • Duke of Ed collaboration and support
  • Possible P&C joint ventures (2014?)
  • Communications

What works?

  • The model of teacher empowerment through collaboration.
  • The “power” of five schools over one to attract funding, interest from above and from outside agencies willing to work with us.
  • We are working within a world that is in our control rather than being subject to other agendas.
  • Assisted significantly by the funding we have attracted.
  • Opportunity for resource sharing is very appealing to teachers.
  • Inspired by creative and innovative thinkers in each school – empowers the “coalition of the willing”
  • Like-minded Principals and a highly supportive SED meeting regularly.