The Killara Schools Partnership (KSP) consists of Killara High School, Beaumont Road Public School, Gordon East Public School, Killara Public School, Lindfield Public School, Lindfield East Public School and Roseville Public School.

It was formed in 2004 as the Killara Teaching and Learning Community but changed its name to better reflect the partnership nature of the interactions between the schools.

It was formed with the strong support of all its Principals especially Dr Mark Carter of Killara High School. He appointed a coordinator, Ms Ann Dixon, who has maintained the momentum of the group through her coordination of meetings and events. The Partnership has developed programs, organised conferences, implemented GATs sessions for the primary students at the high school and provided high school students as mentors for the development of debating and drama skills in the primary students, coaches for primary school athletics carnivals and mentors to develop leadership skills in the primary students. The Partnership has also organised a highly successful presentation by academics to the KSP parents.

The high school provided the funding for the position of KSP Coordinator and put funds at the disposal of the partnership to implement the programs and conferences. The coordinator has also had a role in seeking grants to help offset the cost of the KSP programs and conferences.

Each semester a focus area is chosen through an identified area of need . Topics have included literacy, numeracy, HSIE, ICT and Mathematics, Working Mathematically, Middle School learners and analysing Basic Skills/Naplan results.

Major teacher professional learning projects undertaken by the KSP include inferential reading skills, visual literacy, mathematical problem solving and now Quality Teaching Rounds. A main focus of the KSP is to provide feedback from the participating teachers of both the high school and the primary schools so that all teachers can learn about these skills. The latest reporting back session will take the form of a Q & A forum.

The success of the KSP is attributable to the involvement of all the schools in the planning of these activities. Principals or Deputy Principals from each of the seven schools attend the planning meetings that are held to plan and support the programs and conferences organised. These professionals are a very keen and creative group who are dedicated to the education of the students within the KSP.