The Projects

The Projects

  • Partner Schools Program

    The connections established through the project allowed genuine and meaningful partnerships to be developed rather than those that often are ‘tokenistic’. Our Alliance schools are focusing their connections on the core areas of school leadership and on enhancing teaching and learning experiences for staff and students. »

  • Quality Teaching Rounds Project

    Many of our Alliance project Principals were interested in the concept of ‘Instructional Rounds’, a process developed by a team from Harvard University. As a result of discussions at our residential planning conference and further investigation conducted by one of our Alliance team Principals, it was decided to pursue the Newcastle University model of Quality Teaching Rounds as an Alliance project. »

  • Professional Support Networks

    A key project focus which evolved through the use of the Design Process at our residential planning conference revolved around the concept of creating genuine professional support networks for Principals and aspiring leaders. The discussion led to two strategies being developed to provide collegial support in a meaningful and practical way to Principals across the various school settings, Protocols and ‘Hot Topics’ meetings. »

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