The Evolution

The Evolution

The use of emerging technologies was fundamental in ensuring regular communication across our Alliance team and ensuring progress of the projects.

We used Google Sites to create a website for our alliance team where all resources, information, professional reading and weekly updates were available.

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The weekly update played a vital role in communication across such a diverse and geographically distanced team. It allowed the projects to continue to remain in the forefront of minds and thus allowed progress to occur very rapidly over a relatively short period of time.

Our weekly updates provide a step-by-step journal of our Alliance project and may be helpful in providing the finer details of our journey for those who are seeking to explore similar projects or processes.

The other important consideration in the design and development of the projects was that sustainability was ‘built in’ from the start. Our team carefully planned each project to ensure that it would continue beyond the parameters of the project. Budget planning was an important part of these considerations.

It is also worth noting here that the validity and relevance of each project and the fact that they had been collectively developed through a process of empowering participants, was fundamental to success. Each school in the Alliance team are now committing funds from their school budget to maintain specific aspects of the projects relevant to them. Thus there has been a “transference” of ownership beyond the project team into each Alliance school.

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